The unapologetic art of dating your way and manifesting your most fabulous love and life by being YOU

🔥 The new, aligned and fabulous dating

🔥 What it means to magnetize your chat

🔥 Love Prayer for Queens

🔥 Why we lose our power in dating

🔥 The exact moment we lose our power - and it's earlier than you think

🔥 The 5 pillars for fabulous dating, love and life

🔥 The Step by Step Process for Aligned Dating

🔥 Why the chat is underestimated & the unique opportunity of the chat

🔥 The 80/20% rule in dating

🔥 The 4 Energy Archetypes of women in the chat

🔥 The art of Chat Rhythm and how it helps your polyvagal allow more connection

🔥 10 min Practice to Magnetize your Chat

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