Troubleshoot Protocol for Dr. Klara Adalena's Feminine Energy App

If your app is not updating:

restart your phone

If your webpage ( in browser) is not updating:

use different browser

If you lost your password:

Here are instructions, 2nd option is for when you can't access the app anymore. You do need the email with which you signed up. Get instructions here>>

PS if you lost that email, search your mailboxes for the confirmation email, search for "" or "Klara Adalena"

If you forgot how to access the app:

There's 2 ways to access the app: 

#1 through a browser (chrome, firefox, ..)

 simply copy paste this link into the bar at the top and you're in!

  2. Scroll down to The Feminine Way course, click the image, read the "Start Here" and start enquiring!

 #2 through the dedicated app on phone or tablet

 through google play or apple store, download the "envelope" app

  1. in the search bar, copy paste "Feminine Energy" (upper lower case sensitive)
  2. attach the app to your homescreen. Next time you open it, you go straight to the Feminine Energy app
  3. Within the app, find The Feminine Way course, click the image, read the "Start here" and start enquiring!

If you need to cancel:

  1. Go to you profile (open the app, in the footer menu choose "profile")
  2. Go to subscriptions
  3. Click cancel

If you need to (re)install the app:

1.       Download app
2.       In search bar, type “Feminine Energy” (upper/lower case sensitive)


If the app doesn’t work:

Check first on your end:

  1. have I signed up and paid for the course that I want to access (even when it's free you do need to sign up, except when it's a bonus for Receive the ONE)
  2. did I receive email with login link
  3. did I click on the link and sign up (and if it's first time create an account)

If that's all OK, yet courses are missing/ trainings are missing/ you get error messages:

1.      Check if the amazon servers- where our system is hosted- is having downtime: click here>> if yes, come back in an hour, and you might need to clear cache (see below)

If you are seeing the landing page and not the course overview
A.       Find on this page the menu with 3 options: “Discover, Learn, Profile”
B.       You might need to scroll to see it
C.       Click “Learn” and you are taken to your courses
D.       Click on your course and you are in

If you are seeing a blank screen
1.       Restart your phone

For other issues
1.      try #1 quick fixes (below) first, often the problem solves itself and you can use again next day.
2.       If that doesn’t solve it, scroll down to #2 deeper fixes
3.       If that doesn’t solve it, scroll down to #3 report a bug

#1 Quick Fixes

  1. if you’re on the app, make sure you are logged in ( for several reasons the system might log you out automatically
  2. if still not working, restart your phone
  3. if still not working, try through a browser, use url (Note: to log in or get to the course overview, use the menu, you may need to scroll to see it)
  4.  If still not working, check if you have the most recent version of the browser.
  5. If still not working, try a different browser

#2 Deeper Fixes
1.       Clear app cache (see below)
2.       If that doesn’t solve it, uninstall and then re-install the app
3.       Note when re-install, use search bar and type “Feminine Energy” to find my app again (upper lower case sensitive – see also “If you forgot how to access your app”)

Android App Clear Cache

      1. Open the Settings application on your device
      2. Head over to Apps menu
        Choose Installed Applications
      3. Find the Application you want to Clear the App Data of
      4. Select it, Move to the Storage Tab
      5. Hit Clear App Cache

iOS App Clear Cache

      1. Open the Settings app and tap General, then select iPhone Storage. You can find your apps on the "iPhone Storage" page.
      2. Wait for the page to load a list of all your apps. Once it's generated the list, select the app you want to clear and tap Offload App.

#3 Tried everything above but still not working? Report a bug
If the tech concern persists, please
send in a bug report to the helpdesk. They can’t do anything unless they have the following info:

  • Detailed description of what is not working including screenshot and/or screencast (video)
  • Description of the action steps you have taken to check it’s not on your end (see above for advised steps)
  • Platform: Web app / ( is the app, web app is through typing into your browser)
  • Device: iPhone / Android phone / computer model… as specific as possible
  • If Web app (through browser): which browser, and version of the browser
  • Product Title: name of the course
  • Lesson/Sequence: if a specific lesson is involved, please let us know what Week / Day / specific details so we can spot it
  • Who is experiencing the issues: your email and name
  • Be sure to include the screenshots and/or screencast

Once received, the helpdesk typically replies within 24 to 48 hours on the email provided.
Before you send in the request, do check first if you have done everything you can to make sure it is not something on your end. Use the above checklist or this overview:>>
In that article, you also find the link to the form to report your bug.