The Yes Switch

The Yes Switch is beautiful, powerful, magical activations getting you into spacious, feminine energy... ready to receive miracles of love this Valentine


👑 Get my delicious feminine energy boost and get an instant "WOW Yes" from your Valentine?

👑 get in the mood for Valentine and feel feminine, beautiful & aligned?

👑 feel confident because you KNOW he will love your energy?


Dear Queen,

Do you have a Valentine date? Let me tell you a secret... most women give too little attention to what really matters and then worry about the things that don't matter. What nobody speaks about - but everyone recognizes - is the importance of the first moment. The moment you see him, you have a gut reaction: yes or no. Now the thing is: so does he!

When he feels a "no", it's going to be hard work. But when he feels a "yes"... the door is open to flow and high vibes.

That's where I come in. I have helped hundreds of successful women find their life partner, and I have been thinking what I could give you this Valentine to get the energy and flow that my clients love so much.

Suddenly, it flashed on to me: I can help you nail the first moment - that will change everything! Then he opens up, you open up and there is this delicious, heartopening flow and energy between you.

The Yes Switch is a simple but powerful process to do just that: feel feminine, nail the first impression and have lovely flow and energy the whole night.

The Yes Switch is beautiful, powerful, magical activations getting you into a spacious, feminine energy... ready to receive miracles and love.

And what is unique about The Yes Switch, is the buildup: this guides you to slowly get in the mood the days before and then with the final practice be right in that feminine energy when you walk up to him.

The process in the Yes Switch is normally only available to my 5-figure clients. It has changed lives and started relationships that otherwise might never have happened. 

As my Valentine gift to you, you can now get The Yes Switch and own that first moment for only €33 (though the value is more like €333).



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Get The Yes Switch & be confident you will get an instant WOW Yes from your Valentine - and a night filled with flow and energy

Only Now €33

Normal investment: €333, only now 90% OFF!

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The days leading up to Valentine you do the 21min and 7min meditative practices. You will find a new sense of self: feminine, spacious, yummy, confident and divine. Your nervous system comes out of fight&flight and opens for connection. This is what attracts people to you and you feel it in your cells.

Just before walking up to him, listen to the final practice and 2 minutes is enough to activate that energy and walk in with that sexy confidence and feminine glow.

Then, enjoy an evening where the two of you open up, vulnerable, intimate, confident. The vibe of love is humming around creating un unforgettable night.


👑 5 beautiful affirmations and love prayers

👑 a LIVE 20 min. session on February13th for any questions and together get in the mood for love - replay available

👑 keep access for a full month after Valentine (for any followup dates)

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