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Receive the ONE is for successful female professionals who are tired of dating from the unhealthy masculine and ready to date from feminine energy.

Rebel against conventional advice | lead as the powerful feminine you are | turn dating into a personal growth avenue | attract the most fabulous, mature man

6 months LIVE program - weekly Feminine Presence calls and monthly Alignment and Q&A calls with me, #ask Mo-Fri, Modules & Membership site.

You're a high achieving professional or entrepreneur, invested in yourself and an abundant lifestyle - and you're not meeting men at your level yet and are committed to change that now.

Queen, I see you, and I want you to know:

In you lives a Queen, confident, calm and clear in her calling for love.

She is bold and unapologetically powerful, rooted in her spiritual connection and feminine nature.

She is YOU, and once you start bringing her to your dates, you will receive the love and the man that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Read on how you can break with established dating, claim your Queen and Receive the One.

Imagine this...

❤️ Letting dating and life be about being YOU - and being seen and met as the Queen you are

❤️ Say goodbye to the whole stupid dating game of chasing and being chased - instead mesmerizing him with deep, meaningful connection

❤️ You're no longer trying to hide your wounds, but can let them be your superpower, pulling him in deeper

❤️ With men that maybe felt outside your league before, now being in an amazing state state of flow, energy, synchronicity and effortless connection (The Connection Zone)

❤️ You know when to stop talking, hold the silence - and let energy build for the kiss, the hug, the ring on your finger


You said goodbye to...

❌ Trying too hard, pushing

❌ Outdated, masculine dating strategies that go against your values

❌ The whole negative cycle of stress and overwhelm and being unsupported


Queen, keep reading, this can be you!

You will be getting the exact steps my clients take to quickly create a fulfilling, high-vibe, deeply connected relationship

What makes Receive the One different

Receive the One is different from any other program out there because Receive the One lets you date the way YOU want, be with the man YOU want, have the relationship YOU want - by being YOU.

This is about Being You. A proven process that in a different form has been running for 5 years and has created over a hundred beautiful relationships.

Receive the One let's you stop wasting energy on all the things that don't matter, and focus on one thing:

Be You.

5 Years of mentoring high achievers has shown me, that when you're you, you can be in the zone together - that heightened state of flow, alignment, effortless connection.

I call it: The Connection Zone.

That feeling of being able to take on anything together.

The Connection Zone is where the rest of the world falls away and it's just you and him, and you are YOU, and he is HIM - and together you are the wind under each other's wings. You are more YOU than ever before - and you are being loved for it by an amazing man.

It's within The Connection Zone that people fall in love and joyfully commit their lives to each other and this is what makes Receive the One totally unique - nothing superficial but the real thing.

I am absolutely thrilled to mentor you on this journey, because I know you can have it all: success, career and love - by being YOU and I want nothing less for you.

Why Receive the One?

❤️ Hello Magnetic Manifestation

We teach you ATTRACTION based dating that allows you to call in your dream man messaging YOU - because of who YOU are. No more pushing, willpower and exhaustion.

❤️ Specifically designed for smart, successful high achievers

 No more need to hide your brains, drive, consciousness, position nor income, this is specifically designed to attract a man who is excited to meet the biggest grandest version of YOU

❤️ ON-GOING Program

Unlike other programs there is no cut-off point, so you are not rushing to squeeze everything in, with Receive the One you can go at your own pace... we all know you have a demanding life and stuff happens

❌ No fear of being too much

Most women hold back because they have heard they are too much, overwhelming, intimidating. This program let's you break free from that and share your full unapologetic self and attract the man who's ready for just that

❌ No More Emotionally Unavailable Partners

This process screens out emotionally unavailable partners uncanny fast... so no disappointments later on!

❤️ Ongoing Evolution of Consciousness

The relationship you manifest here will never hold you back in career, mission or life - it will grow with you and challenge you to go beyond.

Success Stories...

"I love this feeling of being true to me"

"He referred to himself as my boyfriend"

"Can't think of anyone better"

act of courage 2_LI
boyfriend (2)_LI
testi birthday (3)_LI

"Excited, hopeful and optimistic"

"Caring & asking about each other's needs"

"He knows he wants to be exclusive with me"

burst open (2)_LI
holiday together (2)_LI
going exclusively quickly (4)_LI

What you'll learn

The unapologetic art of receiving without limits and manifesting your most abundant love and life

Leave The Struggle

Break the cycle of struggle and go beyond self-sabotage. My unique Meditative Queen Enquiries and teachings will guide you to step into ease and flow through the sacred work of healing your feminine instinct and befriending your nervous system.

love is hearts 2 (2)
love is hearts 1 (4)
Aligned Profile

Attract ideal men into your chats – sometimes easier said than done! I got you, Queen. I am here to help you finally stand out with your profile and be CLEAR, COMPELLING and IRRESISTIBLE. We will eliminate the noise and self-sabotaging and allow your unique voice to come through, which is where your true power of attraction lives.

Magnetize the Chat

Forget everything you think you know about chatting and get real connection and high vibes within no time using my Share & Receive Strategy that is easy for you to implement while being your authentic self.

love is hearts 2 (2)
love is hearts 4 (2)

Divine Dates

No need to work through strings of dates. Most of our clients don’t have the energy or time for that - and that is part of why they join us at Receive the One. They desire to create Divine Dates and have the right men asking for more.

Choosing with Clarity

You’ll get access to my Universal Criteria that have helped my clients make awesome partner choices. Let’s get you crystal clear in less than half the time with more ease, alignment, fun and flow!

love is hearts 3 (2)
love is hearts 6 (2)
Bonding in Beauty

Feel safe and empowered to be witnessed in your wounds by my From Wounds to Superpower Process... for the crack is not only where the light comes in, it's also where the bonding happens.

Evolving Together

Keep growing and evolving together with my proven Linking Hearts and Clearance Scripts and Sacred Sexuality Invites, without the relationship ever becoming predictable or routine - we want you supported in your breakthroughs in career and life!

love is hearts 3 (2)

You will receive...

✔️ 6 Months Access To The Receive The One App - the beautiful, proven process of Receive the One at your fingertips wherever you are. Clearly organized in my own app: modules, trainings, assignments, mindset work and more - be supported wherever you are

✔️ 6 Monthly Live Alignment Calls with Klara, Mentor, Scientist, Priestess and Founder of the Queen's Love Academy and the go-to connection expert for high-level professional women

✔️ 6 Monthly Q&A with Klara - deepen your understanding of the trainings and practices by getting Klara's light on your questions

✔️ Members Group with exciting, inspiring likeminded high achievers to celebrate, empower, find buddies and grow together - bonds for life are made here

✔️ Step by Step Process - The Modules with Trainings, Meditations, Practices & Bonuses take you step by step through the dating process. Graduates report they go back to this content over and over and keep finding new value in it as they grow and enter new stages in their consciousness, life & relationship.

✔️ Mindset Modules - opening up to love is vulnerable, moments of rejection are inevitable, and these modules have helped hundreds of women just like you turn crisis into opportunity

✔️ A Unique, Original Approach to dating and relationships for women who have success and the lifestyle and are ready to now have it all


🔥 Bonus 1 - 6 Months Access to the Feminine Energy Enquiries. Your weekly Feminine Energy & Conscious Relationship practice. Valued at €462

🔥 Bonus 2 - 6 Months Access to The Healing from Heartbreak training. Rejection creates obsession and it's time to set yourself free. Valued at €333

🔥 Bonus 3 - 6 Months Access to The Goddess on a Date Meditations - a quick boost to feel like a Goddess on a date. Valued at €277

🔥 Bonus 4 - 6 Months Access to Time Abundance - always have enough hours in your day for work, love and pleasure. Valued at €377

🔥 Bonus 5 - 6 Months Access to From Fear to Love - why we give fear power and how to take back the reins. Valued at €277

🔥 Bonus 6 – Priority Access & Discounts for my live & online events, and for my Private Mentoring – ranging from a 1on1 session, a week of voxer support, a Queen of Hearts VIP-Day to a 6 months in-depth journey Claim Your Goddess Love Life – whatever you want support with, I’ve got you covered. Priceless

I'm Ready! Let's Start Receiving!

What's included?

6 Months Access To Receive The One App inc all Modules, Checklists and more
6 Monthly Live Inspiration & Training Calls with Klara
6 Monthly Live Q&A with Klara Herself
Members Group
Bonus 1: Feminine Energy Sisterhood Membership
Bonus 2: Healing from Heartbreak
Bonus 3: Goddess on a Date Meditations
Bonus 4: Time Abundance
Bonus 5: From fear To Love
Bonus 6: Priority Access & Discounts
Bonus 7: Priority Access to Hot Seats


The investment will be €7,777 - but right now still for 2022 investment level:



Invest in your Dating & Life Now!







Includes a Queen of Hearts VIP-Day process with Klara - perfect when you know there's one big breakthrough needed besides the general growth. Email us for the beautiful 15min presentation. Normal investment for VIP-Day process alone €9,000. Limited spaces available.

More success stories...

"He told me a bedtime story"

"Relating with such integrity feels new"

"I've been so open with him"

story bedtime (3)_LI
open to outcome (2)_LI
great date (2)_LI

"Accepted, valued and loved"

"I felt I was in a movie"

"Considerate, loving and available"

first holiday (3)_LI
daniela 1st kiss (3)_LI
joyanne inc text (4)_LI

This is for you if...


👑 You're a professional or entrepreneur manifesting a dream career, the house in a great location and the Tesla with an ease that everybody goes "how do you DO it??!" - and now you want to learn how to do that in love too!

👑 You have no problem getting great dates - but you always feel like you need to bend down to them and want to know how to get those men who excite YOU

👑 Under all your success, you're hurting and lonely inside, and your soul wants a next level of connection and mutuality

👑 You know nothing is of value if it doesn't challenge your comfortzone - and you want a man (and a mentor) who does just that

👑 You've said goodbye to pushing and controlling in your career and you want a proven, feel-good strategy that aligns

👑 You want a mentor who sees you, meets you, and trusts you to go at your own pace

👑 You're ready for truth bombs, reveals, and eye-openers and feel excited at knowing there will be big growth happening

👑 Receive the One is primarily focused on finding a life partner, yet many women in relationships join too to uplevel the connection and energy in their relationship

If this is you, then you have my big warm welcome... let's do this!

What you think is the problem...

❌ I'm too successful, conscious, smart...

❌ No man can meet me

❌ When I'm interested in him, he's not interested in me

❌ The apps suck

❌ Where I live, men are too focused on their career

❌ (in my darkest moments:) there's something wrong with me

❌ I am too hurt, wounded, traumatized, ...

❌ None of these programs will change anything for me


❤️ Queen, I want you to know that NONE of these reasons are true!

I know, because I have helped many women who came to me thinking these exact same thoughts. Now, they are themselves on a whole other level, master The Connection Zone, and find none of the above is relevant anymore. Dating and life are back on track, love is happening, they are building a shared future.

This is exactly why you need Receive the One.

Summary:  Be You in dating & life

#1 Befriend your polyvagal & Break free from the struggle mode

#2 Bring awareness to the in-between space, Have amazing connection & See him calling back

#3 Set bold boundaries & Increase flow and magic

#4 Know thyself in moments of intimacy & Bond

#5 Learn ancient feminine skills for increasing authenticity & Receive Love

I am absolutely thrilled to mentor you on this journey, because I know you can have it all: success, career and love - by being YOU and I want nothing less for you.

Hey Queen, I'm Klara


I'm the founder, CEO and mentor at Queen's Love Academy and the first one to identify The Connection Zone. I am trained in body oriented psychotherapy, Dr. in theoretical physics - meaning I'm good at seeing deeper structures - and a Priestess.

For 5 years I have run the highly successful program LoveKit mentoring high achieving professionals to find the One and everytime I hear about client's celebrating another anniversary with their newly found partner, or celebrating a birth or birthday of their child, I am so happy!

It all started with a spiritual experience in the mountains. I had a flash where I saw that my biggest burden was actually my superpower. All my cells started to vibrate at a new level, and there was an influx of love and divine energy. In that moment, I understood love, the divine and all of life are one, and it's woman's role to bring that back into our lives.

I founded and guided Netherland's first Priestess training program and my book Living In Bliss, The Path of Initiation in Ancient Goddess Cultures became a bestseller (available in Dutch). After 7 years of initiating and guiding new Priestesses, I was ready to move on and dive more directly into love and manifestation from feminine power.

I love surfing, cross country skiing and Full Moon rituals on hill tops - anything that brings me closer to the mysterious presence of nature!



Frequently asked questions

Get ready for...

❤️ Letting dating be about being YOU - and being seen and met as the Queen you are

❤️ Say goodbye to the whole stupid dating game of chasing and being chased - instead mesmerizing him with deep, meaningful connection

❤️ You're no longer trying to hide your wounds, but can let them be your superpower, pulling him in deeper

❤️ With men that maybe felt outside your league before, now being in The Connection Zone together - that heightened state of flow, energy, synchronicity and effortless connection

❤️ You know when to stop talking, hold the silence - and let energy build for the kiss, the hug, the ring on your finger


Come join us, be unapologetically You and Receive the One.

Still more success stories...

"He baked a cake for me"

"My celebration: a baby on the way"

"We are moving in together"

baked a cake (2)_LI
emily pregnant (3)_LI
ozgun moving in (2)_LI

"Now I feel what it is about"

"Speaking the unspeakable opens up new horizons"

"Celebrating our little baby boy"

land of committed (2)_LI
boyfriend (2)_LI
baby boy (4)_LI