The Portal Opener

This Valentine, become the Portal Opener and take your dates to epic levels.

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👑 Do you want epic connection, yummy energy and breathtaking magic this Valentine?

👑 Do you want him to look at you with eyes that say: "you are a gift" - and have ease and flow together?

👑 Are you ready to step into your fully expressed woman, being met in your strength and your weakness, your Goddess and your fears?

👑 Do you want to strut into your date with confidence as you know he will instantly think: "Hell Yes!"

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Dear Beautiful Queen,

I get you. You want the real thing, whether it's business, spirituality, or love.

I know what it's like to be on a date and it's fun, you're in your power - but there's no magic.

I also know what it's like when it's natural, you share things that you never shared before, you discover your soul vibes to the same frequency and there's portals opening to levels of connection you rarely - if ever- experienced.

The difference, my dear, is only 20% him. The major 80% is you. Woman is the Portal Opener, the Way Shower, the Love Priestess, and your soul is calling to live her.

In my 5-figure programs, I mentor women find and own these energies in themselves. They become fully expressed women. Sacred moments of connection start happening. Magic.

They find their soulmate or uplevel their relationship. They feel met and seen in all of who they are and the love in their heart can flow unrestricted.

This Valentine, I want to offer you a taste of what is possible. The key to this all is your feminine energy. In The Portal Opener you access your feminine energy on a radical new level, you walk into your date like a Goddess and you can flow from there.

I usually only teach this within my high end programs, but it is something that works quite well as a standalone. Normally I would offer it at €333.

But Valentine is special. It isn't just that one date, or the one man. It is setting the energy for your Year of Love.

If you want this to be your Year of Portal Openings, Sacred Connection, Feminine Energy & Magic, then get The Portal Opener now. As my gift to you, you can have 7 days of access for only €33.

You are worth it, the Goddess within you is worth it.

I look forward to seeing you inside,



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Get The Portal Opener & and take your dates and this year to epic levels

Only Now €33

Normal investment: €333, only now 90% OFF!

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The days leading up to Valentine you do the 21min and 7min meditative practices. You will find a new sense of self: feminine, spacious, yummy, confident and divine. Your nervous system comes out of fight&flight and opens for connection. You feel a different woman.

Just before walking up to him, listen to the final practice which brings it all together in just 2 minutes. Walk up to him with that sexy confidence and feminine glow. You are the Portal Opener, and magic is going to happen.

From there, let it flow, keep the energy up... and receive. It's all there for you.


👑 5 beautiful affirmations and love prayers

👑 a LIVE 20 min. session on February13th for any questions and together get in the mood for love - replay available

👑 access extended to a full month after Valentine (for any followup dates)

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Queen, sister, love is closer than you think. Here is my prayer for you. Are you ready?

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Get The Portal Opener & and take your dates and this year to epic levels

Only Now €33

Normal investment: €333, only now 90% OFF!