Queens Love Academy Presents

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Dear Queen,

The Goddess Love Night Meditations bridge the gap from geeling Goddessy at home on your meditation cushion to bringing that gorgeous vibe to your Love Night.

I don't use the word "dating" anymore, beause for too many it has come to mean hurt, pain and disappointment. I speak of The Quest For Love, and it's not only about finding him, it's about upleveling into your Queen and bringing your highest vibe!

In my signature, private programs Queen of Hearts VIP-Day and 3 and 6 months Claim Your Goddess Love Life I have mentored women to amazing levels of love, self and partnership.

This is for Queens who are sick and tired of the waiting games and excited to show up fully!

These Goddess Love Nights are a great starter.

You receive a full 21 min. version, a short 8 min. version to do daily and a super quick walk-into-your-date 2 min. version to arrive in all your glorious glory and start off great!

Get Goddess Love Nights for €97 and bring the Goddess to your Love Nights...

... and right now, I have an offer for just €37 - a total no-brainer.

BONUS: receive my case study showing the exact process with which I tweaked an OK profile to become a GREAT profile - resulting in great men reaching out within 1 hour! Valued at €97, you now get the Case Study included for free.