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Want to go all in and create your love initiation journey?

Love is the most powerful pathway to inner growth. Love invites us women to become more of who we are, and will keep holding up the mirror until you own and live all of who you are.


I feel in guiding these deep journeys I am doing the work I came to do. My packages range 3 to 6 months and from E 15,000 to E 30,000 and even E 50,000 and women are incredibly grateful for the transformations.


Whether you are hitting a wall in wanting to find him, in being with him, or even facing thoughts of divorce, we have helped women just like you and they radiate now with a divine glow in aligned, happy relationships.


Like Cecilia (not real name), who just couldn't get the dating to work and always ended up dating superficial men with victim patterns... and now is having a beautiful, real, deep, conscious connection and has become a source of light.


Investments in love always come back double.