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Build Your Feminine Flow Business

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👑 re-align with the feminine flow that got you into coaching women in the first place?

👑 get rid of imposter syndrome for good?

👑 become the source that creates a business with perfect clients at perfect price levels?

👑 learn top business, marketing and sales strategies that serve you as you run your business your way?

👑 ask higher prices that fit your value?

👑 see money rolling into your bank account while being perfectly aligned and in feminine flow?

👑 have a wealth of time to relax into?

👑 let ease, flow and abundance be your new natural?

👑 access higher levels of awareness?

👑 learn in this masterclass from my real life experience and save yourself years of struggle...

"I immediately noted a shift in my being. So special this!"



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Hi, I am Klara Adalena and my life is about rediscovering what it means to be a woman. I became a coach for women to dedicate my life and work to feminine flow - but when I started to scale to 6 and 7 figures, I lost the very flow that got me to become a coach in the first place.

I found female business coaches helping me with more feminine aligned marketing, sales and business models - and though it seemed at first this solved everything, and I was running a multi 6 figure business and changing women's lives -something was still off. My marketing wasn't clicking, imposter syndrome limited me and I just wasn't as inspired as I knew I could be.

I went on an inner quest, and one day under a laurel tree overlooking the Atlantic it hit me: I think my marketing isn't working, but it's only my idea of what marketing is that isn't working. Invisible to my eye, I am attracting clients, through a very different process.

And, I'm searching for the answers, but actually it is here already: the new marketing I am looking for IS what I am doing.This was such an eye-opener and revelation!

Thrilled, I identified 5 distinct shifts that had got me here. As I now focus on this instead of on what my mind thinks I should be doing, my business is fresh, I am fully aligned, and business flourishes like never before.

What's more, my imposter syndrome vanished overnight - a miracle! And, my inner abundance literally manifested within weeks in confidence, home, work and relationships. I am absolutely stoked to share these shifts with all coaches for women and get you back aligned with why you became a coach for women in the first place - without sacrificing impact or revenue.

When you are ready to come out of imposter syndrome and discover how to scale your business fully aligned with feminine flow - it all begins with Flow- The Masterclass.

Now for €11

Normal investment: €277, only now 96% OFF! 

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🔥 For coaches for women and leaders for women rising

🔥 Masterclass on my 5 big shifts. Live 5 June 1 - 2.30pm CET, replay available

🔥 Two live follow-up classes with case studies, more experiential practice and opportunity to ask your questions - so we can delve together deeper in where you lost your alignment with feminine flow and how to take ownership of your business again

🔥 Opening The Vision For Your Feminine Flow Business & Future

🔥 How This Will Bring More Ideal Clients At More Ideal Price Levels

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🔥 Normal price €277, until start of live masterclass on Monday June 5th, 1pm CET join for only €11.

🔥 If you take away only one tip, this will change how you run your business forever.

🔥 Women typically get their ROI working with me before the program is over - and often triple or even tenfold their ROI.