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blessed lover

Bye-bye "too-much woman"

Don't hide your desire and delight for love.

A date is a holy and sacred energy exchange and to own that is sexy.

You have a privilige and sacred duty to open portals to higher levels of connection and energy.

Receive the love, delight, sacredness, energy, portals and connection unapologetically.

This is what it means to be a blessed lover.

But reality is often very different, when we see a great man we get thrown, become insecure, close off.

This training shifts that by bringing together modern insights on the nervous system, more specifically the polyvagal, the ancient ritual of blessing to heal the polyvagal, and intimate communication skills that help you create connection even when your nervous system shuts off.

I invite you in the 5-Day Valentine Blessing to open the portal to her through the power of blessing and celebration.

The Blessed Lover

Where you will be at the end of this transformative 5-Day Blessing and Celebration Process:

❌ No more waiting  ❌ no more pushing

❌ no more second guessing yourself  ❌ no more holding back

❌ no more illusions of lack

✨Receiving effortlessly

✨Claiming love as your birthright

✨Connected to your divine feminine lineage

✨Freely leaning into the holy and sacred energy exchange that wants to happen

✨Guiding yourself and your date through portals to deeper energies

✨Quickly knowing if he is the One

✨Trust in your womb as place of sacred knowing and magic

✨Open heart and a vibe of kindness and care

✨New understanding of your own body and why you sometimes shut down - especially when you like the man

✨Skills to create connection even when your nervous system is shutting down

✨ Knowing how to confidently open the door to soulful sexuality

✨A complete upleveling of your dating life

✨ An abundance of men excited to meet you on this new energy level


We all need a blessing on our sacred, sexual feminine by priestesses and foremothers

The lack of these blessings is one of the biggest losses of our time.

What once was our sacred gift has been twisted into a source of shame and hiding.

Until we receive blessings on our sacred priestess lover, working on yourself is like filling a bucket full of holes.

You receive:

An example of what the program can look like. Note that I work strongly from intuition and changes can happen.

Day 1: The new paradigm of abundance, sacred relationships, the priestess lover and transformation through blessing. Understanding the role of the polyvagal in dating, both the risk and the opportunity, and how this relates to ancient rituals of blessing.

Day 2: Healing of the polyvagal. The desire and delight for love as woman's gift & how to share this on a dating app and date

Day 3: Further healing. The womb as sacred holy vessel of attraction and magnetism, Rite of the Womb, your Divine Feminine Lineage

Day 4: Woman as portal opener, priestess, energy magician, wisdom keeper and how to turn this into your most sexy asset

Day 5: The new, sacred dynamics between Woman and Man. New strategies for blessed women and with understanding of the role of the polyvagal.

Modalities we will be working with: dance, theory, meditation and/or practice, blessing ceremony, celebration, live Q&A and more.

The details...

10 - 14 February 2022, 5 days, each day live sessions

Start 11am CET (10 am UK), daily 60 to 90 min. sessions on zoom

Saturday 12 Feb extra long session, 120 to 150 min.

Blessed Lover Lifetime Access - €777: Includes written summaries of teachings

Why waiting is not an option...

Valentine is when the saps in the trees are starting to flow again, heralding the outburst of growth in Spring. Now is the time to do the inner work and get on the dating apps to have love this Spring and Summer.


This is perfect for you if...

✅ You want to receive with natural ease

✅ You want committed love but are confused about how put that out there

✅ You're excited and ready to show up fully, transform hidden saboteurs, find your King & become your Queen.

✅ You're a powerful, spiritual, sensitive, smart, priestess manifestor and you want to be desired and chosen for it

✅ You are looking for gentle modalities of transformation that go to the deepest layers of your soul and create lasting change

✅ You know in you lives a wild, sacred force and you're on a mission to live and express her fully

✅ You're generally a confident person but in love you keep second-guessing yourself - and you're on fire to have that sexy confidence in love too

✅ Your work and life are in the flow because you chose to align with your soul and you're committed and excited to bring this to your love life too


Queen, if this is you... you came to the right place. Welcome home.


This is not for you if...

You want a quick fix for your dating struggles that doesn't involve deep, inner transformation

You think the current dating modalities will work for you - one day - and you just need to be more cool

You have never done inner work and are in a place of blaming men, apps, cities and whatever else for your dating struggles

Note: We will be making recordings also of the ceremonies and practices, so if you do not want to be a part of these recordings, choose to follow the program through the replays.

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