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Dear Queen!

What if....

love is closer than you think.

Love and dating are paths of initiation into your fabulous Queen. Once we meet the real life lessons we unleash our full potential as woman, leader, lover and beloved.

Ready to be found?

Hi, I'm Dr. Klara Adalena and my clients don't just want to find a man, they want the audacity to be Queen, they want fabulous, being unapologetically feminine and powerful, dreaming big, manifesting their most gorgeous love & life - aligned with their spiritual connection and feminine power.

I have a suite of options for you to make that real Queen! From high end highly personalized programs to DIY where I brought together the gems of my 30+ years of experience, I've got you.

The success has been nothing but jawdropping, I'm on a mission to have a million women own their yummy Queen and find legendary love - so you came to the right place.

Watch this one hour training with lessons from my 5-figure program Legendary Love.

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After 7 wild years teaching Netherlands' first Priestess Training program, with firewalks, sacred womb rituals and drumcircles, I wanted to turn everything I had learned to benefit our lives and the planet. I believe we need love, connection, depth and leadership. I became a dating mentor and discovered early on that what women need first of all, is support and examples on how to fill the gap from their conscious retreats to being on a date. In Woowoo1 you get the best of what I developed for my high end clients at a nobrainer price - plus 5 bonuses. Find out more here.

After realizing over 30 years ago that my career in physics would not make me happy, I left for the Himalayas and it was in this giantess world of snow and rock that I experienced an initiation into the mystery of love. It has been my guiding light since, always looking to let others experience this level of abundance, love and light. Life's mysterious ways led me to become a dating mentor - and I love how it is both so practical and so woowoo. My intention is to reach a million women and help them complete the initiation that dating is and find the love, relationship and feminine power that is waiting at the other side.

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I offer weekly online Return to Love Circles. 90 min. gatherings of conscious women to discover, practice and own the hidden dynamics of dating and relationships that I call the Woowoo Cycle. Beautiful, conscious and meditative spaces with teachings and exercises in group and couples. It can be like snuggly cosy homecoming, or divine epiphany, like loving confrontations with old patterns or simply a place to realign with soul. After a few months of joining regularly, women start to shine from within, attract more conscious men, heal relationships with friends, family, employees and clients and are in touch with their divine feminine power. Join the Return to Love Tribe with a monthly membership. A great preparation for my high end programs or support for journeying with Woowoo1.

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