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Feminine Energy offers activation, healing and alignment specifically for successful high achieving women who want to tap into their feminine energy and access deep connection in their relationships.

In her unique, priestessy way Klara opens sacred space and guides you to connect to what is in your body, heart, mind and soul - as well as what is alive in your relationships. Something shifts in your system, you tap into feminine energy, portals open, you access wisdom and deeper layers of connection.

Every week a new enquiry is added to your library. There are 3 types of enquiries:

ACTIVATE: activate feminine energy, welcome feelings, deepen heart connection, dissolve walls, go beyond the need for approval, etc.

CONNECT: honor your body, voice of the earth, full body orgasm, the goddess in me, spirit of the trees, etc.

HEAL: come out of fight & flight, when something feels off, dissolve the wall, when things feel stale, is it him or is it me, when your heart is cold, etc.

EMBODY: feel what you say, say what you feel, do what you say, be what you do, etc.


You also receive invitations for 8 LIVE online rituals a year: Spring Equinox, Midsummer, Autums Equinox and Midwinter and 4 for the seasons OR other auspicious moments (Full Moon, Lion's Gate, ..) . In the rituals, the 4 themes of Activate, Connect, Heal and Embody come together and you connect with the sisters in this global sisterhood.

What you get

❤️ Lovingly witness how your patterns are playing out in dating and relationships

❤️ Come home to deeper connection on dates and/or in your relationships

❤️ Feel inspired, energized and radiant as you tap into your feminine energy

❤️ Be appreciated by dates and partner as you become a portal opener to deep connection

❤️ Heal and regulate your polyvagal state

❤️ Be less in your mind and more in your feelings

❤️ Be enriched by the sacred depth of your inner world

❤️ Access your intuition, wisdom and knowing

❤️ Align with source

❤️ Move through stuckness - in yourself or in your relationship - with more ease and grace

❤️ Grow a deeper relationship to trees, plants and all of life

❤️ Step into an empowering, feminine vision on dating, relationships and life

Imagine this...

❤️ Being nourished every week with the juice of being a woman

❤️ Say goodbye to dysfunctional, disconnected relationships and have the flow and connection your soul wants

❤️ Being strongly rooted in your alignment to your Goddess and life

❤️ Being met and seen as the Queen you are


Queen, keep reading, this can be you!

Everything you seek - connection, love, relationship, energy - is available now

How this works

In every enquiry it is like I'm personally sitting next to you, opening a sacred space and guiding you with very specific invitations and questions to go deeper within yourself. There's 3 kind of enquiries: activation, healing and sacred energy.

Every enquiry has a beautiul, inspiring text to get you in the mood.

Enquiries are about 20 - 30 minutes long. Every week a new enquiry is added to your library. As long as you stay in the app, you get to keep them for minimum a year.

Women use this as their weekly meditation practice and as their go-to support when needing activation, healing, clarity or sacred energy.

Relationships can get us very confused and out of your center, the Feminine Energy App keeps you on track and turns crisis into opportunity..

Why the Feminine Energy App?

❤️ Klara, Sacred Space & Feminine Energy

Klara is a true priestess, and opens portals for you that you only imagined before.

❤️ Specifically designed for smart, successful high achievers

 Meeting you where YOU are. Getting you back on track when dating or relationship get you confused and lost.

❤️ Ongoing Evolution of Consciousness

With every enquiry something shifts and opens in your system. Pure expansion! This is the most fulfilling journey there is

❤️ Easy Access Through Dedicated App

Never search for the url again, simply go to the app on your phone and you're in! Download to your phone so you do the enquiry off-grid, in nature

❤️ Growing library

Every week a new enquiry is added, so whenever you are stuck, needing wisdom, clarity, feminine energy, healing or sacred connection, there's an enquiry to fit you.

❤️ Powerful sisterhood

Nothing is as powerful as a group of likeminded women! Experience the upleveling and support of an amazing tribe of high achieving, dedicated women.


Receive feminine energy and access deep connection in your relationships


Activate your feminine energy - and feel whole and fulfilled

love is hearts 2 (2)
love is hearts 1 (4)

Heal old patterns and beliefs and step into a bigger world - more love, more you, more connection


Nourish your soul and align with essence as you connect deeper to Goddess, earth, trees - and all beings

love is hearts 2 (2)
love is hearts 4 (2)

New Vision

Discover and own a feminine vision on life, connection, you and relationships

You will receive...

✔️ The Feminine Energy App - access feminine energy and states of deep connection anywhere, anytime. Even download to your phone to listen in nature or while traveling. Priceless.

✔️ Weekly new enquiries - see it as "feminine meditation", activate, connect, heal and embody. Valued at €1,500/year

✔️ 8 LIVE online rituals per year - We come together as sisters to celebrate, activate and align at auspicious moments in the year. Valued at €400/year

✔️ Discounts for events - Alwyas something is happening here to tune in to and get upleveled. Valued at €500/year minimum

✔️ Optional: Members Group - join the group and find women to enquire together and take your enquiries to a whole new level. Priceless

✔️ A new, feminine vision on dating and relationship - be inspired every week by the clarity and love of Klara's understanding of what is possible now in dating and relationships for conscious, high achieving women. Priceless


🔥 Bonus 1 - 3 yummy sensual energy meditations. Valued at €333

🔥 Bonus 2 - Deepen your connection with Mother Earth, 3 powerful, grounding meditations. Valued at €333

🔥 Bonus 3 - 2 recorded Full Moon rituals for blessing and abundance. Valued at €444

🔥🔥 Total value of bonuses: €1,110


Total value for the 1st year: €3,510

Now at 88% off

The best gift to yourself (and your relationship)

Yes I'm in!


 €44 per month

✔️ Weekly new enquiries

✔️ 6 LIVE rituals per year

✔️ discounts for events

✔️ Optional: member's group

✔️ New vision

✔️ 3 sensual energy meditations

✔️ 3 mother earth meditations

✔️ 2 recorded full moon rituals



€400 per year

✔️ Weekly new enquiries

✔️ 6 LIVE rituals per year

✔️ discounts for events

✔️ Optional: member's group

✔️ New vision

✔️ 3 sensual energy meditations

✔️ 3 mother earth meditations

✔️ 2 recorded full moon rituals

✔️ Save nearly 30%



€1,500 per year

Yearly + every year a 90min 1on1 where Klara guides you live in an enquiry. Take activation, healing and sacred energy next level. An unforgettable experience!

✔️ Weekly new enquiries

✔️ 6 LIVE rituals per year

✔️ discounts for events

✔️ Optional: member's group

✔️ New vision

✔️ 3 sensual energy meditations

✔️ 3 mother earth meditations

✔️ 2 recorded full moon rituals

✔️ Save nearly 300 euro

✔️ Every year a 1on1 upleveling with Klara


Hey Queen, I'm Klara


I'm the founder, CEO and mentor at Queen's Love Academy and the first one to identify The Connection Zone. I am trained in body oriented psychotherapy, Dr. in theoretical physics - meaning I'm good at seeing deeper structures - and a Priestess.

For 5 years I have run the highly successful program LoveKit mentoring high achieving professionals to find the One and everytime I hear about client's celebrating another anniversary with their newly found partner, or celebrating a birth or birthday of their child, I am so happy!

It all started with a spiritual experience in the mountains. I had a flash where I saw that my biggest burden was actually my superpower. All my cells started to vibrate at a new level, and there was an influx of love and divine energy. In that moment, I understood love, the divine and all of life are one, and it's woman's role to bring that back into our lives.

I founded and guided Netherland's first Priestess training program and my book Living In Bliss, The Path of Initiation in Ancient Goddess Cultures became a bestseller (available in Dutch). After 7 years of initiating and guiding new Priestesses, I was ready to move on and dive more directly into love and manifestation from feminine power.

I love surfing, cross country skiing and Full Moon rituals on hill tops - anything that brings me closer to the mysterious presence of nature!



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