Discover how you sabotage love - and experience what it means to be fully met and seen

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Tuesdays 5-6pm CET (4-5pm UK)

Expand and become more of who you are held in love in the Feel The Love Coaching Circle with Klara!

πŸ”₯ get met heart, soul, feelings and mind
πŸ”₯ experience new layers of love
πŸ”₯ bring back the love that got buried
πŸ”₯ experience where you are blocking and sabotaging
πŸ”₯ get coaching to go beyond the monkey mind, beyond the conditioning and beyond the old wounds
πŸ”₯ accelerate your growth
πŸ”₯ experience Klara's unique Linking Hearts process

Klara's vision is that one moment of experiencing love can do more for a couple than years of therapy. Klara is a "love whisperer" who lets you access the level of love you secretly knew was there - but never could access before. Within that love, healing and activation happen.

Klara: "In the Coaching Circles we use The Linking Hearts Process. My vision is 3 years from now, Linking Hearts will be just as common as yoga and fitness. Everyone needs Linking Hearts to keep your relationship in good shape."

You will leave the circle feeling love is closer that you thought and with clarity on next steps.

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How it works

* You will receive the login link through email, it is personal, do not share with others
join as attendee, no video, you can chat to Klara through Q&A box
* OR bring a partner and take the double hot seat, videos on
* as attendee, experience the energy and get new clarity
* in the hot seat, get mentored to go beyond old conditioning, beliefs and wounds and to experience new layers of love and magic
* to apply for hot seat, DM Klara latest Sunday before the Circle
* you apply as a couple - can be partners, spiritual sisters, family, ...
* In January weekly sessions Tuesday 5-6pm CET (4-5pm UK)
* we work with Klara's unique Linking Hearts Ritual process, for more information get Klara's new book Feel The Love, Live The Magic - scroll down for more info
* after signing up, check your email for joining link (spam!)

One moment of love changes everything, welcome!


For the double hot seat:
let Klara know what you want to work on together (e.g. more depth, less irritation, ..)

The sessions are recorded and edited fragments may be used for education and raising awareness for Linking Hearts and these Circles. Our intention is always to honor everyone involved, women typically are positively moved to see themselves back.

Get Klara's new book: Feel The Love, Live The Magic:
- order through bol.com
- or order at queensloveacademy.com/feelthelove-book

How To Apply For A Hot Seat

Hot seats go per couple. It's an amazing opportunity to open up to the love and magic that's possible between you.

DM Klara on Facebook latest Sunday before the Circle including:

#1 WHO will be your partner for the session
#2 what is your intention for the session
#3 what is the reason you want a hot seat
#4 affirmation both you and your partner for the call will be there live in a quiet spot with good internet on laptop, pc or mac (no phones)

Both you and your partner for the session need to sign up.

I will DM you Monday morning to let you know whether I can take your application and if I have more questions.


* partners for the call can be your partner, a spiritual sister, friend, family member, .. Someone you have a meaningful relationship with and a desire to give more meaning and depth to the relationship.

* find suggestions for hot seats in my book, scroll down to find out more.

TIP: get Klara's exciting new book on the Feel The Love practice: "Feel the Love, Live the Magic - Relationship Magic For Queens And Kings"

Most successful women value their relationship highly and are ready to invest in it… but lack a practice. Something to tap into the love and magic you know is possible.

Klara developed The Linking Hearts Ritual for her clients – who rave about it. Now Klara decided to share it with the world. What Linking Hearts does for you as couple:

πŸ”₯ Takes both of you out of fight & flight

πŸ”₯ Slows down the monkey mind

πŸ”₯ Releases the grip of subconscious conditioning, outdated beliefs and old wounds

πŸ”₯ Gives woman back her role as priestess and spaceholder


What then happens can feel like a miracle:

πŸ”₯ Old triggers become portals – and you fall in love all over

πŸ”₯ Massive growth and transformation –  stepping into your Queen and King

πŸ”₯ Moments of sacred connection and magic – stars spinning and heartbeat racing

Love is the very ground of our existence and it’s time for a new paradigm where success and love go hand in hand. This book shifts your thinking and lets you have it all. Whether you’re starting out together, in a long-term partnership, or dating, get this book and step into a bigger love and life.

Dr. Klara Adalena is priestess and high-end dating, love and relationship mentor. Feel Klara's warmth, depth, and clarity as you discover how to access new heights of love and magic in this practical and inspiring book.

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