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Feel The Love, Live The Magic

Relationship Magic for Queens and Kings

Author: Dr. Klara Adalena

This inspiring book offers an essential practice to take the love and magic to new heights in your relationship. There's more love and magic available than you think - try this book before you settle or give up. For conscious couples and daters.

19,99 Paperback, 186 pages
ISBN 9789403682662

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Bonuses included with the book

🔥 Bonus #1 - Printable Linking Hearts Overview

Have it handy in your purse or phone so you can do Linking Hearts anywhere, anytime. Value: €7

🔥 Bonus #2 - Demo Trainings in Handy App

Feel confident in The New Relationship & Dating and The Linking Hearts Ritual as you get the energy and do's & don'ts in 20+ demo videos. Value: €397

🔥 Bonus #3 - Bloopers and Making Of

Join the fun and deep learning Klara and her amazing clients had making the demo videos. Value: €97


Total value of bonuses: €501

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An Essential Book

Feel the Love, Live the Magic offers an essential practice to keep the love and magic alive in your relationship. Whether you’re starting out together, or in a long-term partnership, get this practice to keep the energy clear, prevent drama or growing apart, and discover new heights of intimacy, love and magic.

The Linking Hearts Ritual is for conscious couples and bold daters desiring new heights of real connection, bold love and inspiring magic. Do The Linking Hearts Ritual on date nights, after dinner or first thing in the morning and get the connection, love, magic, relationship and growth you know is possible. Feel empowered as you create the high energy, conscious relationship you desire.

The Linking Hearts Ritual is a sacred space the two of you create to see, hear and meet each other more fully. Ego, patterns, wounds, everything is welcomed and beneath all that a deeper, more vibrant truth is felt - the truth of love and magic.

Dr. Klara Adalena is priestess and high-end dating, love and relationship mentor. Feel Klara's warmth, depth and clarity as you discover new heights of love and magic in this practical and inspiring book.

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What readers say

"In Feel the Love, Live the Magic Klara has created something special that lets you calibrate to true soul connection. Then manifest it with the beautiful practice of The Linking Hearts Ritual. This book is going to be a godsend for all women wanting conscious relationship, and you will want to read it again and again!"

Claire Billings, VP Marketing EMEA, UK


"Finally high-achieving women can have it all. With Klara’s discovery of what truly unites two hearts, there is finally hope that successful women can access deep love and partnership even if they’ve been stuck for years feeling like they’re “too much.” With the practices in this book, deep connection is created in minutes…instead of years of couples counseling or therapy"

Jessica Riverson, Intuitive Business Coach and Feminine Energy Mentor at The Priestess CEO, Washington, US


"This beautiful book is for all women who want their relationship to be a path for growth and expansion. Get it to open up deeper layers of love and intimacy, to celebrate feminine energy, create magic and have soul connections. Klara’s vision has changed my life and I dream about a future where all queens and kings will be dating and relating like this."

Anna van Gessel, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher in Academic Hospital, The Netherlands


"I love how Klara gives words to what my heart longs for so deeply - and I know with The Linking Hearts Ritual I can make this my reality. This book connects me back to my “soul whisperings” – and gives me the confidence and language to feel, hold and share them. This book is a true gift – read it, be touched and change your relationships."

Magdalena Schäffer, Head of Contracts & Concepts in Renewable Energy Industry, Germany


"I have made The Linking Hearts Ritual offered in this book my regular practice and it allows me to share my feelings with my partner without judging myself or getting judged. We have come closer together and we keep finding new layers of love and connection. I'm super excited about Linking Hearts and I know this book will guide you step by step to unlock the love and magic in your relationship."

Dr. Natascha Wyss, Head of the Swiss HEPA Network, Senior Wildfit Coach, Switzerland


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Dr. Klara Adalena

Dr. Klara Adalena is priestess and high-end dating, love and relationship mentor. Klara is dr. in physics but changed her lifepath after a call for a more spiritual, feminine path set her on a series of adventures. Klara founded Netherland’s first Priestess training program, which for 10 years was highly successful, and then moved on to teach love, dating and relationships the feminine way.

Klara is passionate about initiating you into your feminine energy and help you manifest, create and receive the love and life you desire. Klara offers Queen of Love, her signature life and love program, and 1on1 mentoring for couples and high-achieving, successful women. Feel Klara's warmth, depth and clarity as you discover new heights of love and magic in this practical and inspiring book.