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The Aligned Attraction Masterclass is a 7 hour journey for 7 High-Vibe Female Entrepreneurs & Professionals who Desire to Attract Their Soulmate, Uplevel Their Lovelife and Lead from their Queen.

Goal is at the end of the day to:

* have a vision and plan on how you can attract your soulmate in a feminine, aligned way
* have identified and softened the edges of your most damaging attraction block
* Be in connection with your source and feminine nature
Do you feel the shift this will create in your dating and how it will bring your love goal that much closer?

... if so, read on!

What If...

❤️ You know you can manifest anything, anytime, by showing up aligned and using the aligned strategies

❤️ You understand magnetic dating and and know you never again have to push, control, do tricks or any of those awkward things

❤️ You are rooted in your Queen, feeling bold and unapologetically powerful and ready to meet the dating world on your terms

❤️ You have transformed your biggest love block and feel open and ready to receive the love that's there for you

❤️ You have aligned, feminine strategies that feel good and fair and create abundance in relationships, career, and bank account

❤️ Your have a personalized Vision & Plan to reach your love goal this year - and the High Energy to make it a reality

You said goodbye to...

❌ Pushing, controlling &, willpower to reach your goals

❌ Outdated and masculine heavy strategies that go against your values and desires

❌ Feeling exhausted, drained and bored

You'll be experiencing the same process clients in my high end masterminds go through to quickly create a fulfilling, high-vibe relationship, transform their biggest stuff, feel like a Queen, and have abundance and love in all their relationships, work and life.

Why Aligned Attraction Masterclass?

❤️ Experience What It's Like To Transform Love Patterns With A MasterCoach

Once you know what's possible, your whole vision for your future love and life expands!

❤️ Max. 7 Participants

Because you want personal attention and Klara's eyes, skill and intuition for your unique situation.

❤️ Hello Magnetic Attraction

Your whole being is calling for aligned and feminine strategies - 'cause you're totally done with the old pushing, controlling, and tricks.

❤️ Heart-Centered, Aligned Strategies

Discover how to know who is right without being judgmental... no cold or harsh here!

❤️ Activating Your Queen & Transforming Your Saboteurs

Our saboteurs are fallen, hurt and betrayed love angels, and Klara masterfully guides you to identify them, deepen your spiritual connection, align with the feminine, step into choice and let the divine do the rest.

❤️ Understand Why You're Single Before You Make Changes

Most existing strategies oversimplify and miss the point that staying single was your way to get your needs for safety, adventure, connection and growth met the best possible way. Most approaches are doomed at the outset because they tinker with this balance not seeing it will always bounce back. This is why I created The Queen's Private LoveKit. Building on 30+ years of experience with high level women and 5 years of LoveKit, I help you craft a new equilibrium. Queen's Private LoveKit is totally revolutionizing the quest for love. Now, you too can attract love and longterm, happy relationship with ease, pleasure and flow.

Client Feedback...

"Klara holds up such powerful, clear mirrors"

"It's like I am living a whole new life, love this confidence"

"Can't think of anyone better"

"It's Klara's combination of Physicist, Priestess and Psychotherapist that creates next level transformations"

"Seeing a path before me"

"Now I get how aligned attractions will work for me"

Aligned Attraction...

Most of us have reached the level of our career and lifestyle we live at with masculine, controlling strategies. We are grateful for where we are and having pushed our boundaries, yet it has left it's mark: we are exhausted, out of touch with our soul, and we consistently have too little touch, pleasure, intimacy and ecstatic moments in our lives.

Something in us knows that in love, we need to do it differently. Finding the One is your chance to discover aligned attraction - the feminine way.

There's a tsunami happening right now of women discovering the aligned, feminine strategies in marketing, and I feel in dating and love we are at the beginning of a similar turnaround and I am super excited to be spearheading this change and give you the opportunity to join in early.

The results and experiences of women have been phenomenal. Ease and flow from now on Queen - plus attracting a man and relationship way beyond what you could have dreamed. Welcome.


You Will Receive...

✔️ 7 Hours of in-depth, masterful mentoring with Klara, Master Coach and Love and Mindset Mentor and Founder of the Queen's Love Academy

✔️ Small group of 7 high-vibe Queens: professional and entrepreneurial women ready to show up fully, just like you

✔️ Learn All About Aligned Attraction - and why women are raving about this

✔️ Identify & Soften the Edges of your Biggest Loveblocker - including hot seats for each of the 7 participants

✔️ Queen Activation - experiencethe energy state of your Queen like never before 0 and create a new anchor for what it's like to show up fully

✔️ Understand Your Love Equilibrium - so that soulmate relationship can become a natural part of who you are


✔️ Audio Recordings of the Teaching Sessions

✔️ Audio Recordings of the Meditations

✔️ Bonus1: Healing From Heartbreak Training (valued at E 700)

✔️ Bonus 2: The Woowoo Woman - magnetize him with your feminine power (valued at E 300)

✔️ Bonus 3: 1 Month FREE Membership of Return to Love Tribe, including 4 90 min. Return to Love Circles Tuesdays 5 - 6.30pm CET (valued at E 2,000)


I'm Ready! Let's Start Upleveling My Love & Life!

What's The Facts?

7 Hours High Level Coaching in Small Group of 7 Queens on Zoom 14th January 9.30- 17.30hr CET
Hot Seat Transform Your Biggest Love Block - Guaranteed for Each Participant
Klara's Powerful Queen Activation - experience your divine source and feminine nature
Understand Your Love Equilibirum - the hidden factor that keeps you stuck no matter what
Download Audio Recordings of Teaching Sessions
Download Audio Recordings of Meditations
Bonus #1 - Healing from Heartbreak Training - Open your heart again to love
Bonus #2 - Divine 1st Date Training - Word for Word Examples Of Aligned Attraction in Action
Bonus #3 - 1 Month FREE Membership Aligned Connection Tribe - Inc 4 Group Practice Sessions


But that's NOT what your investment is!

Normal investment is €2,000

And right now, I have an Early Bird Offer for you:


Early Bird Aligned Attraction Masterclass

Investment €777

Book now before the price goes up to €2,000.

Early Bird Aligned Attraction Masterclass VIP

Investment €1,555

Get 2 extra 30 min. 1on1 Sessions with Klara, 1 within 7 days before Masterclass and one within 7 days after the Masterclass. Normal value for the 2 sessions alone is €3,000, get them now for just €778 extra.

Book now before the price goes up to €3,500. Only 2 spots available.

This Is Perfect For You If...


👑 You are a high-vibe professional or entrepreneurial Queen with no time to waste on outdated, ineffective dating strategies

👑 high level women wanting to break through and start attracting the right men (yes they exist.. . I know because i have done this with so many women just like you)

👑 top achieving women who are sick and tired of the controlling and masculine, eager to learn the feminine, aligned ways of attraction and ready to show up fully on apps and dates

👑 Note you do NOT need to be popular with men or on the apps, or be insta beautiful, I'm going to teach you how to show up more fully and aligned in dating and life, and soulfully attract an emotionally available, high-vibe man who will adore you longterm - no matter if you've avoided dating in the past or dating and relationships have been hard in the past.


If you are being called to work with me in a VIP day or Queens Private LoveKit ( 3 months of privately mentoring you to love) this is a great first step.

This Is Not For You If...

❌ you have a hard time with someone holding up a mirror for you

❌ you want a quick fix for your dating challenge and are not willing to change and grow

❌ you still tell yourself love will just happen and you dont need to show up


Does this sound like you?

❤️ You want to find love and you feel the quest is not only about finding him, it's just a smuch about stepping into your Queen and most abundant self

❤️ You feel powerful and clear in career and want that same experience in dating

❤️ You refuse to use outdated, masculine strategies and want guidance to discover how you can manifest the One without control, pushing, playing small or superficial.

❤️ You don't see the use in figuring things out by yourself and want the best mentor and strategies on the planet

❤️ You want a step by step, feminine and aligned strategy to attract your high-vibe partner and build your soulful, high-vibe relationship

❤️ You want to show up fully on dating apps and dates and learn how to manifest the feminine way - and you look forward to creating your 1-in-1,000 profile and putting that out there

❤️ You want to fall in love with your Queen while receiving more love and happiness than you can imagine

I have helped clients from UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

All 6- or 7 figure entrepreneurs, professionals, C-Suite, doctors, lawyers or similar with busy schedules.

Some had strings of men around them always, others had never had a relationship, and everything in-between.

Your past does NOT matter.

What you need is a loving heart, the determination to make love happen and the excitement to show up more fully and learn and implement new strategies.

Hey Queen, I'm Klara

klara fem priv 1 laugh (2)

I'm the founder and CEO and master coach at The Queen's Love Academy.

I've supported over 100+ female entrepreneurs and professionals to activate their Queen and attract and develop high-vibe, happy and passionate relationships.

Growing up in Utrecht, Netherlands as 2nd child of 2 doctors, I thought I had it all but under the surface was trauma and feeling totally disaligned and lost, separate from my feminine nature and earth.

When I had my PhD in Theoretical Physics. and there was nothing left to prove, I realized how disaligned my career was and how empty I felt inside.

I set out on journeys to the Himalayas and Alps and had earth shaking experiences of awakening. As a result, I dedicated my life the divine and the feminine.

My intention to serve the feminine divine and to help others helped me overcome my struggles with low self esteem. I started the first Priestess Training Program in the Netherlands in 2004, published my book on the Path of the Priestess in Netherlands which became a best seller. I invested over €250,000 in myself and my work, claiming top level coaching and mentoring.

I am now a Master Love and Mindset Mentor and my Queen's Love Academy has revenued nearly 2 million euro helping amazing women step into their Queen and find love and high-vibe relationship.

What I have learnt, is it's in your hands to rewrite your love and life story.

Many women are at a dead end as to how to manifest love when they find me, but inside they know there has to be a feminine, aligned way and they are intent to find it.

If my clients can find love, so can you.

Dear Queen, let's co-create abundance, love and high-vibes - here's to your success and love!



Still Got Questions?

Get Ready For...

❤️ 7 Hours of in-depth, masterful mentoring with Klara, Master Coach and Love and Mindset Mentor and Founder of the Queen's Love Academy

❤️ Small group of 7 high-vibe Queens: professional and entrepreneurial women ready to show up fully, just like you

❤️ Learn All About Aligned Attraction - and why women are raving about this

❤️ Identify & Soften the Edges of your Biggest Loveblock - including hot seats for each of the 7 participants

❤️ Queen Activation - experiencethe energy state of your Queen like never before 0 and create a new anchor for what it's like to show up fully

❤️ Understand Your Love Equilibrium - so that soulmate relationship can become a natural part of who you are

Booking for Aligned Attraction Masterclass Opens on 7th January 2022. Get on the Waitlist now to get priority access at 7am CET & don't risk missing out